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830076700victorian Gentlemen
830077300baby Mice
830077500 Fruit And Vegetable Alphabet
830077600 Musical Notes
830077700modular Circus Excl
830077800 Lineart Sewing Blocks
830077900patisserie De Paris Duo
830078200 Owlies
830078300 Fall Geese Border
830078500 Fall Rooster Border
830078600 Exclusive Spring Border
830078700exclusive Autumn Birds
830078800 Autumn Chicks
830078900 Exclusive Hummingbird Border
830079000 Exclusive Fruit Border
830079100 Exclusive Toy Border
830079200Exclusive Baby Border
830079300Rabbit Border
830078400winter House Bookmarks
830080000 Manger Border
830079400Excl halloween border
830079500 Simply Spring
830079600Christmas Snow Houses
830079700 Christmas Border
830079800 Nicole's Little Farmer Border
830079900 Christmas snow houses 2
830080100Snowman Border
830080200 Chinese Border Duo
830080300It's a Boy Cupcakes Blocks
830080400 It's a Girl Cupcake
830080500 Love Fences
830080600Easter Fence
830080700 Color Easter Borde
830080800 Ragstyle Easter
830080900Colorlines Easter
830081100 little st patrick
830081000 Decorative Roses
830081200 Cutwork Alphabet
830081300 4th of July ornaments
830081400 Mothers Day Ovals
830081500 Sweet Birdhouse Fences
830081600 African Wild Animals
830081700 Farmhouse Border
830081800 Exclusive Fall Fence Border duo
CS5467AC 01 DOW
830065400 Modular Sea Friends
830081900Excl Kitchen Border
CS6567AC 02 Animals on Holiday
CS5467AC 03 Just Married
830082000 Modular Bugs
830082100 Bathtime Elephants
830082200Stylish Owls duo set 1
830082300 Exclusive Toy Horse Borde
830082400 Stylish Owls Set 2
830082500 Stylish Owls Duo Set 3
830082600 Stylish Owls Set 4
830082700 stylish owls 5
830082800 Awesome Owls
Cross Stitch Alphabet
830082900 Word cards
830083000 Steamy Coffee
830083100 Modular Monkeys with bananas
830083200 Elves Fairies and Gnomes
830083300 Happy Halloween
830083400 Christmas Village
830083500 sewing owls
830083600 Sweet Boy Angels
830083700 Sweet Angel Girls
CS5467AC 05 12 Days f Christmas
830083800 Old Fashioned Manger
830083900 Majestic Owls in Fligh
830084000 Toy Ovals Large and Extra Large
830084200 Christmas Tree Border
830084300 Modular Snowmen on a sledge
830084500 Plume de Boteh

  Sales and Specials

Sale at US$ 7,00 a set

Click on the image to go to the set.

Exclusive Victorian Gentlemen SM & LG

Baby Mice SM & LG

Fruit and Vegetable Alphabet (SM)

Modular Musical Notes Alphabet

Exclusive Modular Circus LG

Line Art Sewing Blocks in 4 sizes

P√Ętisserie de Paris Duo (SM)

Owlies Duo LG

Fall Geese Border LG

Fall Rooster Border LG

Exclusive Spring Border LG

Exclusive Fall Birds Border LG

Exclusive Autumn Chicks Border LG

Exclusive Modular Hummingbird Border LG

Exclusive Modular Fruit Border LG

Exclusive Toy Border LG

Exclusive Baby Border LG

Exclusive Rabbit Border LG

Winter House Bookmarks Trio LG

Exclusive Modular Manger Border LG

Exclusive Halloween House border

Simply Spring Flower Border

Exclusive Snow Christmas  House border

Exclusive Modular Christmas Border LG

Nicole's Little Farmer Border

Exclusive Snow Christmas House border Set 2

Exclusive Modular Snowman Border LG

Exclusive Modular Chinese Border LG

It's a Boy Cupcakes Blocks in 3 sizes

It's a Girl Cupcakes Blocks in 3 sizes

Exclusive Modular Love Fences LG

Exclusive Modular Easter Fences LG

Exclusive Color Easter Border LG

Rag Style Easter

Small (4"hoop)

Colorlines Easter

 LG and XL

Little At Patrick Border (SM)

Decorative Roses LG and XL

Cutwork Alphabet

4Th of July Ornaments Duo

Mothers Day Ovals

Exclusive Sweet Birdhouse Fence Border duo

Modular Wild African animals

Exclusive Farmhouses Border duo

Exclusive Fall Fence Border duo

Days of the week Sunbonnets in Cross Stitch

Exclusive Modular Sea Friends

Exclusive Kitchen Border duo

Animals on Holiday in Cross Stitch

Just Married in Cross Stitch

Nicole's Modular Bugs Border

Nicole's Bathtime Elephants duo for Boys and Girls

Stylish Owls Duo

Set 1

Exclusive Toy Horse Border LG

Stylish Owls Duo

Set 2

Stylish Owls Duo

Set 3

Stylish Owls Duo

Set 4

Stylish Owls Duo

Set 5

Awesome Owls

Large and Extra Large

Cross Stitch Office Alphabet (small)

Word Cards

Steamy Coffee SM, LG and XL

 Modular Monkeys with Bananas (LG)

Elves, Fairies and Gnome Blocks

Happy Halloween Large and Extra Large

Modular Christmas Village

Sewing Owls

 Small and Large

Sweet Boy Angels 

 Small and Large

Sweet Angel Girls

 Small and Large

Cross Stitch 12 Days of Christmas ES

Old Fashioned Manger Duo

Large  and Extra Large

Majestic Owls in Flight

Large  and Extra Large

Toy Ovals Trio

Large and Extra Large

Christmas Tree Border

Modular Snowmen on a Sledge

Plume de Boteh

Extra Large